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Office 365 Management Made Easy with AdminDroid

AdminDroid offers 1500+ reports and 15+ dashboards to bring your entire Microsoft 365 infrastructure
under your radar. With AdminDroid you can manage and secure your organization with better control
and visibility in just a few mouse clicks.

The tool provides advanced reporting features, alerting capabilities, customization options, and report
automation abilities, that help the Microsoft 365 administrators monitor everything in the organization
and make sure that no event gets unnoticed.

Detect anomalies in a smarter way

AdminDroid can assist you in identifying new risks and unusual activities, comparing activity trends, and
alert you on 1400+ Microsoft 365 activities


Keep an eye on your Office 365 statistics

Admins can easily audit and evaluate the usage & adoption of the various Microsoft 365 services using
the ‘Usage and Adoption’ dashboard. You can find the active users across each department, job title,
city, state, and so on. This will help you to track the active users based on the operation performed, file
shared/accessed, workload, and more.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Personalize your reports by using the column customization, sorting,
and advanced filtering options

Views in Reports

Create reports with customized filters and save them for further use

Intelligent Scheduling

Send automated reports to the desired email addresses at regular intervals to
keep track of the organization's and users' daily/weekly/monthly progress

Data Retention

Override the default 90 days limit of native audit log retention and preserve the audit
data indefinitely

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