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Get Complete 360-Degree Threat Detection and Remediation

Let Our Services Elevate your Business to Higher Grounds

We at Virus Rescuers offer services to protect your primary asset - people. We deliver solutions to protect your processes and technologies that are now part of ever-growing enterprises. We help you with solutions that enable to control data, identity theft and monitor dark-web.

IT Security 

Protect what is most important to you and protect  from unauthorized access. React quickly and remediate when a breach occurs. Perform detailed forensics and gain full visibility.

Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Recovery is the key. Get yourself in shape by testing your DR Plan regularly and how much time it takes to recover (RTO) and what latest data is recoverable (RPO)

Complete Endpoint Management

Supercharge your IT teams by eliminating inefficiency with all-in-one endpoint management, automation, and protection so you can get ahead of the curve.

Don't Stay in the Dark

 Scan for domains, emails, brand assets, infrastructure details and keywords with our automated surface, deep and Dark Web Monitoring; 24×7

Abstract Background

We are with you 24/7

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Highly skilled certified security experts working from our 24/7 SOC identify any malicious activity, investigate and immediately respond to threats in real time.

Incident Management & Cyber Defense

We can determine the attack vector, establish a timeline of activity, and identify the extent of the compromise, providing rapid containment and eradication of attacks.

Vulnerability & Compliance Management

We leverage automated technologies combined with seasoned security experts to perform continuous internal and external scans across your entire estate such as network devices, servers, endpoints, web applications and databases, minimizing your risk exposure and maximizing your security.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Devices Protected




Enterprise Customer

Solutions Tailored to You

Every company and every industry is different. Regulations and compliance requirements vary. Threat actors might have special tactics depending on the company type. Learn about our solutions for companies in different industries and work with VRS to stay protected.

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